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Cooking Fuel

A unique formulation made using naturally derived, fully sustainable Biofuel

Natural and Man Made Challenges

When natural or man made disasters strike a region, help is needed quickly to maintain basic humanitarian needs of clean water and hot food to sustain a healthy existence.

International support can make the difference between life and death for many thousands of people who need it most. The frequency and intensity of global disasters continues to increase each year and the need for cooking fuels and cooking systems are similarly increasing.

Nearly 3 billion people each day cook on open fires that are fuelled by coal or solid biomass. Apart from the obvious impact on the local environment, deforestation and the destruction of agricultural land, it also jeopardises human health and the personal safety of women and children.

People carrying sticks through the rough terrain.
Global Distribution of highest risk areas by hazard type

Chronic exposure to smoke from traditional cooking practice is one of the worlds biggest and least well- known killers. In unventilated homes, smoke penetrates the lungs to cause acute health effects such as pneumonia, lung cancer and heart disease.

Around the world, cooking and indigenous fuel collection largely remains the responsibility of women and children. Thousands are putting their lives at risk searching for fuel to cook with. By looking for fuel, they become vulnerable to attacks and sexual violence.

Assistance for natural and man made disasters requires a holistic response, to ensure that the aid and support received is suitable for both the short and long term humanitarian setting. Zip recognises that there are different cooking and fuel strategies for each situation. We also acknowledge that there are a clear number of factors that determine the most appropriate choice of fuel and that is why we have developed our Zip Cooking Fuel as well as our Boilex Stoves for a complete cooking system. Zip Fuel can be used in almost all conditions and situations with a variety of different stoves.

Current Fuel Choices

Zip Fuel

Zip Cooking Fuel was originally created for the use by military personnel for boiling water for cooking and washing. Due to its unique formulation and benefits, the fuel can be used by beneficiaries as well as UN personnel, search and rescue teams, aid workers and volunteers.

Zip Fuel

The Cooking Fuel is new, inexpensive, safe and non toxic. It is designed using a unique biofuel formulation, employing the latest technologies to make it a highly efficient and effective fuel as an alternative to more traditional options. Not only is the fuel safe, easy to ignite, but is lightweight, fully air transportable and leave no environmental or deforestation impact on the local area.

It is suitable to use in any location (including altitude) and works exceptionally well in all weather conditions. This includes sub artic freezing conditions, hot dry deserts as well as floods. The fuel will work with many kinds of existing stoves and can boil water to purify it as well as to cook food.

Boilex™ Stoves

To accompany the award winning Zip Cooking Fuel, Zip have teamed up with Boilex™ stoves to launch a set of high performance, lightweight cooking systems (stove & fuel) that target individuals, groups and those cooking in emergency situations.

Boilex Stove

Boilex™ Pyramid Stove

The Boilex™ Pyramid stove is a flat packed stove that is lightweight and simply folds out to form an ideal stove for personal cooking. Made of steel for multiple use, it is small in size and easy to use in any environment. Designed to work with an individual mug or small pot. At 125g, this is the ideal ‘pocketsized’ stove for everyone.

Boilex Tower Stove

A larger, more robust, flat packed stove which is lightweight and ideal for group cooking. Made out of steel for multiple use, it is quick to assemble and easy to carry, weighing only 310g. This stove is compatible with both formats of the cooking fuel. It is also the more powerful of the two Boilex™ stoves.

Boilex™ All in One Stove

A unique flat packed design that folds out into a stove and cup cooking system. Made of lightweight aluminium (weighing only 50g), it is assembled by simply pulling its two corners to create an open receptacle and stand. The stand acts as a stove to optimise the fuel’s power and efficiency and can be used in all environments. Easily stored and carried, this system is perfect as an emergency mug/stove for survival situations or simply as a replacement for other heavier, more costly systems. The stove can also be made bespoke to your colour preferences for when in a tactical situation. The Boilex™ All in One Stove is designed to be used with Zip’s Military Cooking Fuel which provides enough power to boil 500ml of water.


Other Cooking Fuels vs. ZIP Cooking Fuel

Other Cooking Fuels vs. ZIP Cooking Fuel

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