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Cooking Fuel

A unique formulation made using naturally derived, fully sustainable Biofuel

Competitive Chart - Current Military Fuel vs Zip Military Cooking Fuel

For over 70 years, military organisations around the world have used cooking fuels that have remained largely unchanged since their introduction. Such cooking fuels pose both safety and health risks to both human life and the environment. For example, Hexamine is highly toxic if consumed and alcohol gels have low flash points and cannot be transported by air.


The table below highlights how Zip Military Cooking Fuel outperforms competitor products as well as meeting weight and environmental criteria.


Features Fuel
Hexamine Alcohol Gel Bottled Propane/LPG/Butane Gas Zip Military Cooking Fuel
Non Toxic
Suitable for use in extreme weather conditions
Easy to light
Use both indoors and outdoors (providing adequate ventilation)
Lightweight/easy to carry
Clean to handle
Consistent quality
Not classified as hazardous - can be transported by air
Safe for wildlife
Long shelf life, no use by date
Made in EU