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Cooking Fuel

A unique formulation made using naturally derived, fully sustainable Biofuel

Zip Military Cooking Fuel is made from  naturally derived biofuel. It burns cleanly and has a high calorific value comparable with conventional hydrocarbon fuels. 


Boiling Water

Lightweight & Safe

Zip Military Cooking Fuel is non-toxic and poses little threat to humans or animals if consumed accidentally or otherwise. In addition, it does not give rise to the noxious by-products of combustion associated with hexamine, namely, hydrogen cyanide when burning. The fuel is covered with an ignition wrapper, which also ensures the product is odourless and waterproof. The solid form provides soldiers with a lightweight and safe method of carrying and using the product.


Zip Military Cooking Fuel has the following benefits:

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Non Toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Cost Efficient
  • Safe to the Environment


Zip Military Cooking Fuel can be used to heat water for drinking and cooking ration packs in all weather conditions, ranging from desert, jungle and arctic. Zip Military Cooking Fuel works well with many existing military stoves to the benefit of both soldiers and pressurised military budgets. When tested, the individually wrapped military fuel cubes outperformed other available fuels as well as meeting weight and environmental criteria. During recent field trials, Zip Military Cooking Fuel received the following feedback:

“In adverse weather conditions hexi is difficult to light. The new fuel however, in adverse weather… lit with no problems. This went down very well” Sergeant - British Army. July 2012.